PRO version solutions info

15 May 2019 11:04
What kind of Business ready solutions are included in the PRO version?

I'm interested in building a 3D configurator like the Handbag Configurator in the "Made with Blend4Web" page.

Is this solution included in the PRO version with all the materials and lights used on it?

20 May 2019 11:48
PRO version includes extended material library and the following projects: Luxury Watch, Dairy Plant, Mi-34 Hermit, The Farm, The Fountain, Azure Grotto, Fashion show.

Kind regards
22 May 2019 09:53
Hi Natalia,

as we need to build a leather box configurator and we cannot achieve the realistic that we see on the Handbag Configurator, is it possible to buy that scene?

Kind Regards,

24 May 2019 13:38
Hi Antonio,

Unfortunately we cannot sell you the scene as it belongs to another company.

Best regards,

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