First Project Problems

30 May 2019 17:08

I've used the cartoon_interior tutorial as the basis for my first project and, with a lot of effort, I have managed to get it to a point where I can load my own objects and rotate them 90 degrees, within in a larger environment with greater camera flexibility.

However, I am now struggling with three main items:

1 I want to 'check out' and 'in' each of the ten objects. ie there are ten objects to place in the environment but only one of each, so, I don't want any object to be chosen more than once.
2a The cartoon allows multiple objects to be located in one space, outlining them red, when they do. I want them to have physics, so that they can't collide. (I tried applying physics in Blender but that doesn't appear to have made any difference.)
2b I tried to start from the point of having the spawner location updated, so that clicking on each object button would make the object appear in a different location but I've failed miserably in what I think should be relatively simple task.
3 If possible, I would like the objects to 'snap' to each other. This may well be impossible, due to the nature of the objects but it would be a neat feature.

Attached is a screenshot of the objects, the code used so far and some of the blend files.

Thanks in advance.

05 June 2019 19:28
No one have any ideas?

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