character_collider info please

19 October 2014 09:07
There is no info about how the character_collider gets connected to the mesh/armature. Is everything Parented to the collider, or how does it get added into the mix? Thanks for any info
19 October 2014 09:10
Please look at this tutorial
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19 October 2014 10:30
I did read that but the collision object is already there, no explanation on how it becomes part of the mesh or the armature or whatever it happens to be connected to. I am wanting to know where in the process of modeling the character the collision object gets added.
19 October 2014 11:08
The source blend files for this gamedev tutorial are part of the free SDK distribution. Please take a look at how collision mesh is made there.
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19 October 2014 11:16
I have the SDK open, have looked at many files, including the game character. The collision model is at the top of the chain of the character. I do not know blender well enough to tell how everything is connected to the collision model, except I do know Parenting of mesh to bones does not work with the B4W export. Next month it will be 1 year I have been using Blender, and that is only when I have had the time between music and work, so I apologize if my questions come across as trivial or annoying.
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