Wind Turbine - Interactive Presentation

19 June 2018 20:09
I finished the project. There was a lot of work, but it did.
If someone makes the English text version, please let me know
Thank you for helping everyone
The project: Wind Turbine

(Unfortunately cell phone (Chrome) does not work in popup window with scroll) Hungary Blender Community Site
20 June 2018 19:52
Sorry… the scroll problem solved Hungary Blender Community Site
20 June 2018 21:00
Everything is looking great! Nice details with the animated blades, doors, etc.

Question: The airflow seems to go horizontally through the propeller when I look from the side, but when I look at the turbine from the front, it seems to be going downward behind the turbine. Is this intentional?
20 June 2018 22:12
Thx Blend4Life!
No intentional. Pavel made a wind simulation example. This is what I used

Wind Simulation Example by Pavel. Hungary Blender Community Site
20 June 2018 22:46
OK. It's an amazing effect nevertheless. That wind turbulence material is awesome! The simple version is a good start to study how it works. One can learn a lot from this, e.g. how to have animated textures, and how to seamlessly obfuscate the edges of objects with vertex painting.

I need to experiment more with the B4W_TIME node in materials. It's genius!
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