Sequential loading of scenes?

24 December 2019 01:05

I have created a project where sets of scenes can be loaded or saved together, and there are parent/child relationships that need to be set across those scenes.

My problem is that when I reload a set of scenes, apparently sometimes the child gets loaded before the parent and I get an 'object not found' error as a result.

Is there a way I can force scenes to load sequentially so that the parent scene loads before the child scene?

24 December 2019 07:29
I found something that seems to be working so far. Posting here in case anyone else needs this, or if someone can suggest a better approach:

function load_wait() {
				var done_yet = m_data.is_idle()
				if(done_yet) {
					***code to run after completion of load goes here***;
				} else {
					var t = setTimeout(load_wait, 1000);
24 December 2019 21:27
You don't need to make your own "load_wait" because m_data.load() has a built-in callback for load completion, so you can use that to set up any load order you want:
function load_first() {
  var id_of_first = m_data.load("first_file_to_be_loaded", load_second);

function load_second() {
  var id_of_second = m_data.load("second_file_to_be_loaded", load_third);

function load_third() {
  var id_of_third = m_data.load("third_file_to_be_loaded");

// start load sequence:

08 January 2020 22:20
Thanks. In this case I do have a separate post-load callback that I need to run for each line, so I'd need an example of how to incorporate that as well.
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