Changing my workflow to Blender > Painter/Mixer > UE4 > Blend4web/Verge3d

04 March 2020 02:21
Hi there I’m thinking of changing my workflow for architectural rendering…


1) Model in blender
2) Texture in Substance or Mixer
3) Render in UE4
4) Export using blend4web/Verge3d

Now 1) and 2) are all good but if my aim is to use UE4 to render high quality images or animations plus the added bonus of setting it up for VR is it possible to have the baked UE4 scene reimported into Blender so that I can export it out through blend4web to have a fairly high quality interactive web option for my clients as well?

Thanks in advance.
06 March 2020 22:53
Wow, are you telling me there is a way to transfer THAT result to real-time B4W? I'd love to get that kind of quality, the best I can get is through baking with Cycles and applying that to B4W, so that's my "high-end" workflow. I could never get that depth of sharpness, sharp edges, model detail… nothing in B4W looks as crisp as pre-rendered images or UE4, but I believe that's a limitation of the engine and WebGL itself rather than my inaptitude.

There's a B4W FAQ somewhere which says the quality of WebGL in general is clearly limited compared to non-real-time or desktop/console engines.
07 March 2020 14:22
Sorry no that is a Cycles render but I just want a stream line process, so maybe if I change the question slightly to…

What would be the best process to offer my architectural clients the ability to have the following (hopefully using the same lighting and material settings to best utilise my time)?

High res still/animation renders
Have a Interactive Web version
And a VR version (both mobile or higher end devices)
08 March 2020 19:44
Well, I don't do VR and I'm a UE outsider, so maybe I shouldn't have replied to begin with!

My method for getting more quality into scenes is baking with Cycles. I also like using additional specular-only lamps to make the geometry and the normals come out more and reduce the flatness/dullness of the scene. This is effective for indoor scenes, and I can get a result much closer to Cycles. Without these "enhancements", I get pretty much the same result in B4W that I already see in the Blender viewport in B4W mode (= Blender Internal mode) with material shading on, and that is of course very poor compared to Cycles or desktop UE.
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