B4W ERROR: No active scene (SOLVED)

30 April 2015 18:19
in blend4web 15 04 chorme get this error: B4W ERROR: No active scene.
I testred m_mouse.enable_mouse_hover_outline(); and/or m_mouse.enable_mouse_hover_glow();
but same error…. Offcourse have one object with Enable Outlining enabled and Selectable and Enable Objects selection AUTO.

30 April 2015 19:04
I've just tried to reproduce this issue. I could get this console message when the scene isn't loaded.
Check the functions' calling sequence, please. You should call m_mouse.enable_mouse_hover_outline() after the scene loading.

You can check the right function call order in this tutorial. You should call m_mouse.enable_mouse_hover_outline() in this place:
function load_cb(data_id) {
30 April 2015 19:09
Yes, in "load_cb" work fine!
I had it in "init_cb" and get error.

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