Embed Youtube video at anchor

08 March 2021 21:21
Hello guys,

I don't have a lot of programming knowledge, so I'm looking for ways to incorporate youtube videos into my scene without the need for complex JS code.
And I need to be able to close them after watching. Preferably for NodeTree nodes.
I found that I can use an <iframe> tag in the Meta Tags description field, used as a description for an Annotation type anchor.
This embedding works well and the video is shown as soon as the anchor is "opened".
The big problem is that after interacting with the video, whether to start it, put it in full screen or another action, I just can't move my character around the scene using the WASD keys anymore.
The character movement code I copied from the Gamepad - Code Snippets example.

Is there a way to make this work?
Or is there any other way to embed youtube videos, which does not require a lot of knowledge of JS language?
I need to display several youtube videos while exploring my virtual environment.

Thanks in advance.
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