B4w WishList

06 May 2015 10:43
  • Add curve output suport
  • Add useful Internal texture suport
  • Add real mirror material
  • Add B4W viewport

  • Thanks!
    06 May 2015 11:21

    Tell me please - what do you mean by 1 and 4 points?

    We got 2 and 3 points in our to-do list :) About mirror material - we gonna do something like here
    06 May 2015 12:18
    about 1 point

    about 4 point

    if you use blender material viewport shading not same as webbrower test and test
    if you use b4w viewport same as webbrower I think this is very humane.
    06 May 2015 14:48
    We're already supporting curves since 15.02 And metaballs with surfaces, too.

    About viewport: Blender team is improving GLSL and we are trying to help. Here are some of our changes to the viewport - we're discussing it with Blender team. Right now Blender's GLSL can't afford everything that WebGL and Blend4Web can achieve - but it will change. As for us - we're not trying to change everything and make it all our special tool that only uses Blender. We're trying to be as close to native Blender behaviour as possible and instead of making something independent we're trying to make Blender itself better. And of course it is very high priority to us that browser's WebGL and Blender's GLSL will be the same So yes, we're working on it, too
    06 May 2015 16:25
    ok very good work
    15 May 2015 08:43
    Is there a way to display Webpage in Blender
    15 May 2015 09:39

    Is there a way to display Webpage in Blender

    No, there isn’t. But you can use "Run in viewer" checkbox to open your web-page after export.
    03 June 2015 18:07
    Ask Blend4Web developer:

    Plan to add some blender Modifier fun ? such as Subdivision, Analysis of client ,I think it very usefull!

    12 August 2015 07:55
    I haven't got any specifics in mind at this very moment, but I do look forward to seeing more stuff added to the export side, if that's in the plan.

    (and yes, it's one more chance to praise the B4W team for their great work and welcoming personalities. Great job! OK, going to bed now! )
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