feature proposal (player icons easy implement into html)

06 May 2015 13:08
They could do functions for each button on the player so it was very easy to include in your html buttons only that interest you… I think it would be interesting. For example only (turnable button) and/or (fullscreen button) in my custom index.html file.

Thank you.
06 May 2015 15:42
We think that the webplayer interface is optimal for the most users. And we don't plan to change it.
But if you want to change it by yourself you should remember about this.
06 May 2015 16:48
I do not want to modify the player…. I want to include some features of the player to my custom index.html…
06 May 2015 17:13
Oh, sorry
If I understood you correctly you asked us about possibility of html-interface creation in Blender.
We'll think about it, but we don't plan to do it now.
08 May 2015 11:15
For example….

<div id="iconturntable"></div>
<div id="iconfullscreen"></div>


var i_player = require("playericons");


summarizing an implementation easy of simple icons for customs html without webplayer.
08 May 2015 14:26
Honestly, I don't see this kind of functionality really useful. The generic approach is to just assign the "click" event to this element.
For camera rotation it will look like this:
    function(e) {
    }, false);

This is not much longer and has greater flexibility.
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