Animated child object

19 May 2015 17:19

This might be just me missing something, but I'm trying to animate a speaker, with a "sound wave" object, a simple mesh, that goes foreward and back in the Y axis infront of the speaker.

Then I parent the "sound wave" mesh to the speaker, which is not animated, to be able to position it in my scene. But then the animation doesn't play in blend4web.

Is there a reason for that?

Thank you!

19 May 2015 17:50
Hello and welcome!

Yeah, right now it is a problem. Parenting is "more powerful" than animation
Fixing it is in our to-do list, and right now it can be done using bones

Here I made an example. Hope it helps!


19 May 2015 18:26
Thank you!

Bones should do the trick!
Parenting in Blend4web would indeed be really useful though.

Thanks for the fast reply and awesome work.
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