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31 May 2015 10:49
as blend4web is growing and portal is getting filled up with lots of stuff, is there any plan to include a search facility? This will help users or developers to search specific thread or a solution easily?

I was looking for few such and found it could be really a great value addition in the acceleration of the growth of blend4web. This surely will help to conclude faster by searching out little little tips & tricks posted in many threads.

Well to me specifically I was looking for how to handle "target slot" when selected "Select & Jump" in type under Append NLA script sot.


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01 June 2015 12:16

Thanks for a nice suggestion. We're always looking for the ways to make our documentation and database more friendly. I think, this type of search could be implemented in future.

As a suggestion: Google often works fine, when you need to search for some functions. For example, typing something like: "Blend4Web NLA Script", will give decent results in the most cases.
01 June 2015 14:55

Yeh thx for appreciation ! Hope I help B4W for contributing to its positive growth in all aspects !


Visualization expert!
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