No Love For Pluto?

02 June 2015 04:21
Aww, come on guys! I know it's not a planet anymore, but show a little love huh?

I'm still around. Got sidetracked by other stuff, but I haven't forgotten or lost my interest in B4W!
02 June 2015 09:49
Nice to meet you again! We actually had Pluto in our solar system demo but removed it at the last moment. Decided to be astronomically accurate.
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02 June 2015 10:52
Actually I think about making the whole Pluto scene when New Horizons will take some good photos of it and its satellites

Because for now we got this pretty awesome and such detailed Pluto's surface texture, and it is said to be the best we got for today

19 June 2015 04:46
The probe picked just the right time to do its flyby!
19 June 2015 11:39
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