How do I Build a Deployable Webplayer?

16 January 2022 15:24
Hi All,

I've been struggling to create a custom webplayer that has an easily editable preloader and can be deployed with my projects. When I deploy my animation project through Project Manager it zips in the webplayer from apps dev rather than the webplayer that I constructed in the Projects folder. If I put my webplayer from projects into apps dev it fails to compile. Is there a way to make a webplayer project deployable? Ideally I'd like this webplayer from projects (picture 1) Click the image link if its not loading

instead of this default player from apps dev, which is difficult to modify (picture 2)

Also I want to retain some of the features that the apps dev webplayer possesses such as gzipping, dds compression and drag camera eye controls. In short, I'd like the preloader of picture 1 with the capabilities of picture 2.

Thankyou, I hope that all makes sense.

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