Heads up! A new interface in Blend4Web 15.06

17 June 2015 16:06
At the end of this month, our users should expect to see significant changes in the UI. We will be introducing a Blend4Web-specific profile, similar to the BGE and Cycles profiles. Upon switching to this profile, all unsupported settings will be removed from the interface panels. In addition, supported settings will be rearranged without the need to use the Blend4Web panels as supplementary panels like our users do now.

This new version will be fully (or almost fully) compatible with all prior versions. The Developer Preview build is expected to be available some time at the end of this week or the beginning of next week.

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17 June 2015 19:00
Oh man this is huge! Excellent news, can't wait to give it a try.
I just finished my current project right on time, I think it's great opportunity to get back into playing with Blend4Web after being away for a while.
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