mass re-exporter

03 July 2015 23:40
I ran the re-exporter and it says everything is fine, but the dates on the files have not changed. Does that mean they were NOT re-exported or…?
04 July 2015 06:50
This tool intentionally does not touch blend files - only json+bin and html files will be updated.
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07 July 2015 23:36
I meant the dates of the JSON and BIN files have not changed.

All BLEND, JSON and BIN are in the same folder.
08 July 2015 10:22
We'll investigate this dates stuff. Meanwhile, if you add a cube to your blend file (for example), will it appear in the exported scene after running re-export?
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14 July 2015 02:29
Will test your suggestion asap.
14 July 2015 18:58
The mass re-exporter works flawlessly with minor irritation of not updating the time/date of the file in Windows. Could be kind of cool if the exporter RENAMED current files to a .001 and ADDED the new version instead of overwriting BUT it is just a thought.
14 July 2015 19:25
Great to hear it worked for you!
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