IRC Chat?

16 July 2015 17:50
It would be awesome if there was an official IRC channel (preferably on freenode) where users could gather to ask questions, share links, etc.
16 July 2015 19:42
Hello, and welcome to our forum!

It is a good suggestion. Something Like #blendercoders channel.
Right now, we don't have plans on organizing such chat room, but we'll think of it.
16 July 2015 20:10
Thanks for the greeting. The chat is a differentiator from some competitive frameworks. Currently the #three.js channel has over 100 users - obviously you're just fishing there when looking for support but usually the community is pretty good.
12 August 2015 07:47
Hi! I figure different development team members cover different topics, so I wanted to jump around and make sure all of you know your hard work and generous help are greatly appreciated!

Feel free to delete this!
28 August 2015 18:03
The beauty of IRC is that you don't need to organize much at all, and IRC rooms dedicated so that external noise from other discussions re: other projects is nice to filter out.

If anyone is is coming across this post like I did through search, head over to their subreddit perhaps as activity there is more prone to be multi threaded conversations by nature.
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