Export and share/loading screen

18 July 2015 16:54

i just finished to put interactivities in my scene (with .json export and.js code) but I've trouble to show it on the web now :/. Untill now I used Googledrive hosting for the .html Blender export but with the new file format it doesn't seems to cooperate. Is there a easy way to share my b4w app without renting a website?

Side question : is there a way to get a preloader image instead of the black square?

I looked over the preloader function but it only seems to display a loading bar.

18 July 2015 22:17
Have you considered using some free web hosting solution?
As for black box (canvas). This issue can be resolved if you have some other preloader or element above the canvas. By using the module preloader you can create three different kind of preloaders. Check out our applications inside SDK and use them as examples.
19 July 2015 23:55
Ok, after some search, i found that part of what are inside the preloader are in the css code.

As for web hosting, the question was more about to find a solution for hobbyist/first users who wants to show quickly their little apps.

Anyway thanks for the answer
20 July 2015 15:23
GitHub pages may be a way to go.

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