Use of Blend4Web

24 July 2015 20:46
So the use of this service is to post our models online and show them in a rendered state while still manipulable?
25 July 2015 09:39
The usage I could thinking about:

1. Make beautiful Web, mobile or PC games.
2. Use it in APP design. Put a shiny 3D model on the APP will be cherry on the cake.
3. Charming website with interactive 3D, It can be immersive with stereoscopic images.
4. Static 3D model with free view points selection.
5. Industry design, Microsoft Hololen holography application …
6. Real time 3D communication, Intel 3D real sense image sensor brings real world in 3D. B4W can be used as a channel for true 3D communication.

Anyway just for fun.
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