Spherical Photo Viewer

11 September 2015 09:44
I am working on a spherical photo viewer for a wetland construction project that requires a lot of photo documentation to show progress.

As you can see, I have some wrinkling at the bottom center of the photo sphere.
This photo was acquired with the free Google Camera app. This is what it looks like:

Now that everybody with a smart phone can easily produce high quality spherical images, I think it might work out very well to make spherical photo viewers for websites. If we can streamline a process to UV map these images to a good mesh, I will make a video to show anybody how to do it. What I have done so far is working pretty good I think, except for the wrinkled texture at the bottom.
Here is the .blend:

Blend4Web has the advantage of swinging the camera around and it gives more 3d depth effect. My skybox is shaped more flat to give the effect that you are standing on the ground.

I was also thinking of adding extra area to the image to make it square and use this for labels or signs maybe.

I noticed in the Sports Car Demo ( ), you have a pretty smooth spherical image. Do you think I could achieve that with these spherical images from the Google Camera?

11 September 2015 13:18
Nice concept, looks forward to see the next steps :)
11 September 2015 15:00
Hi Will Welker
I've made an example and a video tutorial for you, but I've forgotten to turn on mouse drawing during the video record sorry.
Video tutorial
Manager and 3D Generalist at Blend4Web
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11 September 2015 16:48
Golly, you are a Blender Master! Thanks so much for taking the time to show me this. Give me a couple of days to work on it. I need to shoot some video out in the field to show how the spherical camera app works.
11 January 2018 15:04
Hi Guys, I've see the tutorial but i don't understand how i can bake from equirectangular image. there is someone that can be explain me how to bake a right cubemap from equirectangular to use it onto the file attached from Mikhail Bezzubikov ?

Thanks in Avdance
11 January 2018 17:52
i don't understand how i can bake from equirectangular image
Hi. Here's a video where Mikhail baked cubemap ( or not understandable specific step?
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