Zoom in hover camera

14 September 2015 14:31
Is it possible to add a zoom feature to the Hover camera when exporting for web? I am basically exporting a [image as] plane to create an interactive interface- allowing the viewer to zoom, pan and grip the image from this confined viewpoint. I have already established how to do the later two myself. Any help is appreciated!
15 September 2015 10:26
Hi, and welcome to this forum!

The hover camera actually has a zoom-like feature, see it in action in the Dairy Plant demo (in overview mode). It includes some inclination though.
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15 September 2015 15:16
Hi, thanks for the welcoming!

I didn't actually see this setting for the Hover camera. It looks great within the Dairy Plant demo and I don't mind the slight inclination it introduces to the planes perspective. Is there a specific option within the Hover camera settings I have to check in order to experiment with this feature? Thanks
15 September 2015 15:40
You can find more info about camera settings in the manual.

I've also made a simple example for you using Google maps.
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