Textures etc missing

31 October 2014 20:40
When I export a Blender project with B4W html, why do the resulting models not have any textures, materials, modifiers etc?
What am i missing?
31 October 2014 21:51
Hmm, I dunno. Try to look through our examples to see how everything is set up. Also keep in mind that only image textures are working! Clouds, Voronoi etc. are not supported.
And you can see errors in console: press f12 while watching your scene in the browser :)

31 October 2014 21:54
And if you want modifier to be applied you must turn on "Apply modifiers" in object settings, tab Blend4Web

Which modifier you want to apply?
01 November 2014 09:06
Thanks for answering my newbie question. Your documentation is very extensive, so I must have missed the fact that blender textures such as clouds, voronoi etc are not available. Hopefully something for the future.
The modifiers were specifically subdiv surf and deforming ones and they were applied, however this has only been once or twice and i can't reliably replicate it, but will let you know if i encounter it again.

Thanks for the help. You guys are doing amazing things, keep up the good work.
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