Starting a new release marathon with Blend4Web 15.09 developer preview

23 September 2015 19:05
Blend4Web 15.09 developer preview build is now available for download by registered users. In this release you'll find a huge amount of improvements, such as: project management, procedural armature control, seven new visual programming nodes to help creating immersive experiences, better video playback and much more.

We strongly recommend you to download and test this build before the final release coming next week.
24 September 2015 02:14
Should we be testing this with Blender 2.75 or the new 2.76 build?
24 September 2015 07:42
Hi Will,

Should we be testing this with Blender 2.75 or the new 2.76 build?
Currently it is compatible with Blender 2.75. However, since Blender guys already exposed 2.76 RC for download on, we'll have to upgrade as well (today or tomorrow).
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24 September 2015 14:10
Regarding "Project Management", I wanted to repost something I saw on the Russian side:

view the list and the internal structure of existing projects
run applications, view the scene in the program-viewer, to download the source files into Blender scenes
create and configure new applications, including on the basis of ready-made templates
assemble the application and its conversion into a form required for subsequent placement on the server
convert application resources (textures, sounds, and video) in alternative formats
automatic re-produce all the scenes from the applications, including json or html files
This is great.
24 September 2015 14:43
Thanks, we hope to complete translation of release notes and documentation before release candidate coming out by the weekend.
24 September 2015 18:37
The builds have been updated. Please note that they are now compatible with the newest Blender 2.76. Thanks for testing, we appreciate your feedback very much!
25 September 2015 17:32
If somebody sees an error "…MSVCRT120…..dll " when using the project manager, please install visual c++ redistributable 120 as a temporary workaround. This should be fixed after the stable Blender 2.76 release comes out.
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
25 September 2015 19:35
Release candidate 15.09 is available.
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