Blending materials using nodes

30 September 2015 12:41

Zakaro did a thing a couple of days ago ( which is very cool. I'm trying to do almost the same thing with a car, but I would like to change the material's reflection value so that the car paint can go from glossy to matte or vice versa. My question is, can I have multiple materials (one glossy material and one matte material) in the shader node tree and blend between these by animating the value node? (I tried this and it creates an NLA, but won't play either automatically or by using the logic editor)

Alternatively - i.e. if I can use only one material node - could you please provide me with a better explanation of how the B4W_REFLECT node works? I assume I can then just adjust the reflectivity value.I don't know what I'm supposed to do with the Vector Inputs or how to connect that to my material to get a result - it just ends up black and dead .

Thanks for the help!

30 September 2015 13:01

Yes, you can do this with several materials, and it should work with Logic nodes as well.
Could you please show your node setup?
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