Swap texture image?

13 October 2015 06:40
Hi there,

quick question.

Is there anyway using blend4web to swap one texture to another when a user clicks a button?

The reason why I dont want it to be geometry swapping is because the object that has the texture map is already fairly high poly (I'm doing a area of land that needs to show different geological markings on it)

Thanks in advance.
13 October 2015 11:20
Yep, you can code it using Canvas textures, you can animate node materials (Mix factor between two textures) and you can use material inheritance as shown in this demo using our logic nodes You can find this file in SDK: blender/interacivity/inherit_material.blend
14 October 2015 03:32
Hmm ok I gave it a go, but nothing happens :(

Here's my files
14 October 2015 11:11
Yeah, we found a little bug, it'll be fixed in the next release. For now, turn this option ON for every RGB plane:

15 October 2015 04:13
Ok thanks Pavel.

That worked!
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