Project Manager *SOLVED*

15 October 2015 05:57 #4399
What are the steps to get a scene to load with a project created in the project manager?

I have created a new bundled project.
Created a .blend and exported the JSON file (default cube). It loads in the viewer.
Then I try to open the HTML file from the project manager link but I get console errors.
Just getting a black screen.

See attached image with screenshots.
No code was changed in the created files.

*Edit* I just needed to get Java added to the Path.
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15 October 2015 07:12 #4400
After changing the css color to white, I see the FPS number in the top right of the screen.
Hmm feels like I am doing something right but still something wrong
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15 October 2015 12:18 #4408

Thanks for reporting. This is somewhat untested configuration, we definitely will fix it in our next release.

If you don't need FPS counter, just disable it (show_fps=false in app.init() params)
Blend4Web Team
15 October 2015 14:09 #4409
What is the "Best Practice" way to make a new app in the Project Manager?
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15 October 2015 16:17 #4413
As you see there are many possible combinations and practices, even more are going to be in our next release. So the issue is all about testing/documenting them . We are constantly improving the situation, but for now the "best practise" would be to leave all checkers in it's default positions. Also, if you plan to compile/deploy you apps, you should have Java installed and configured as stated in our docs.
Blend4Web Team
15 October 2015 16:26 #4414
Okay, awesome. Amazing what happens when you read the documentation
For the record, I did a test with all the check boxes left at default and it worked great.
After reading the documentation, I see there is a path for exporting your project out of the SDK. I feel another video coming lol.
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15 October 2015 18:32 #4416
Hey I got it working. I just needed to get Java added to the path, do a restart and it works. See attached Project Report.
I believe, you can create a project without Java but if you try to compile it or make a bundled project (pre-compiled?), it won't work without Java being on the path.
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