Shadows, Multiple light sources

19 October 2015 21:15

So I can't figure out how to get shadows to appear either from .json file or html. I have multiple textured objects and a textured ground plane. The objects are all set to cast shadows, and the plane to receive. I have several spot light in my scene, and all are set to generate shadows. In the render panel I also have render shadows set to "ON". In blender I can see the shadows being cast while in "textured" view mode. But as stated they do not show when the scene is loaded. I also tried this with point lights instead of spot lights to the same effect. I've attached the .blend file for reference.

Thank you!
20 October 2015 11:09
Good day,

Blend4Web currently supports only one shadow source. So you won't be able to have shadows from all the sources on the scene. In future we are planning to add support for up to 4 lights and add a dynamic shadow switch, so that only required lights will cast shadows.

The Generate Shadows flag just solves the ambiguity with several lights so that the engine can choose which light should cast shadows.
20 October 2015 15:37
Cool! Thanks for the help!
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