Blender Conference Vidoes

24 October 2015 17:18 #4563
The Blender Conference videos are streaming live here:

They are also recorded and uploaded so you can view them any time.
They have some cool stuff in the pipeline.
Blend4Web Videos
26 October 2015 06:27 #4568
B4W was in the Theater… which wasn't streaming.

Did I just not look in the right place? Hopefully they upload the theater videos. Most of the ones I wanted to see were there, unfortunately.
26 October 2015 07:02 #4569
I have been watching for it but it has not been posted to YouTube yet. There was another Blend4Web presentation that I can't find either.
Blend4Web Videos
26 October 2015 20:57 #4594
Hey guys, videos should be available soon. We also taped our own video of my talk, it'll be posted on youtube as well.
Development Lead | Twitter
02 November 2015 18:41 #4733
This video of the Blend4Web presentation was recorded by me. Still waiting for the official Blender Foundation video.
Manager and 3D Generalist at Blend4Web
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