Simple Approach for preventing ClickDrag triggering Logic-Select-Node?

28 October 2015 12:11
Hi @ll,

Taking the 'Play Animation Node'-Example as reference,
is there a simple solution for preventing triggering the Logic-Select-Node when the user (drag)-rotates the view with the mouse and accidentally starts the drag on one of the selectable objects?

It would be very nice if this could be accomplished without having to program all the event-handling, event-distinguishing and animation-triggering in javascript, but rather be able to continue using the Logic-Node-Editor approach for simple animation-logic setup. Do you have any suggestion?

Please help,

cheers, Daniel.

@ Emotional3D
28 October 2015 12:38
Indeed, there is such unpleasant behavior. Thank you for your comment. In future releases we will extend the functionality of Select node that it will be able to handle up/down events for mouse and touch devices. This should fix such behavior.
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
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