Issue with Play anim nodes

02 November 2015 17:14

I have a problem with the Play Animation node and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

I started with the tutorial from Will about animation and I want to implement a kind of popup system.

When I click on the cube a popup comes in with an anim and when I click on the cone I want the popup should go out with another anim.

But I can't get the 2nd animation to play.

Here is my blend file.

Thank you!
02 November 2015 18:46
Hi JD,
The problem with your nodes is that if the cube is a "miss" the logic starts over and never gives your next object a chance to be selected. So the first "miss" needs to reroute to the beginning of the next hit test. See attached .blend.
02 November 2015 18:54
Meh I feel dumb :D I totally overlooked the Miss condition hehe.

Thanks Will!
02 November 2015 19:16
You can use Select and Play nodes, so there will be only two of them
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