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14 March 2016 19:02
Alright. Thanks for your help. As I understand it, there isn't anyway to prevent auto-loading of an .html file but if I use .json then I can add a "Load 3D Scene" button using the code you supplied. Thanks.
13 March 2016 02:58
Yeah, I used the .html export option. I take if from your response that the only way to prevent auto-loading is using json. Did I understand that correctly?
12 March 2016 01:08
I just uploaded a test b4w .html to my wordpress site. With Sketchfab and Marmoset Viewer, the models don't load until the play button is pressed. I noticed that the b4w .html loads right up which is concerning to me if I have a lot of models/scenes on my page or if they are quite large.

How do I prevent the .html from auto-loading and requiring a play button to be pressed?

Thanks for the help,
Bryson Jack