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04 November 2015 12:22
In Russian:

Делаю по статье:

Выполнил один из советов. Поставил свежие драйверы для видеокарты. Добавил FireFox и Chrome в список NVIDIA Optimus, чтобы запускалось со второй карты. Перезагрузил компьютер. Запутил этот пример в Chrome - FPS сначала 16 и через 5 секунд падает до 12. Раньше было 19-26. На FireFox, как было 9-10, так и осталось. Буду дальше ту статью изучать, как время будет.
04 November 2015 12:10
I updated NVIDIA driver. I added Chrome and FireFox in NVIDIA hight list in Optimus. Now here FPS is: 9-10 (Chrome), 12 (FireFox). I will study this article later.
03 November 2015 14:56

Looks like Nvidia Optimus problem to me. You can read more about this known issue here.

I will try to update NVIDIA Driver tomorrow.
03 November 2015 13:54
But flag FireFox is checked out.
03 November 2015 13:52
I added FireFox in NVIDIA list but now 8-9 FPS
02 November 2015 23:50
This demo works very fine. But Activity is None.
02 November 2015 23:45
I show "Display GPU Activity Icon" and run FPS demo but Activity is None. But I set High Gr. and click on Apply.
02 November 2015 23:26
In beginning: 19-20

In 1 minute: 25-26
02 November 2015 22:46
> To verify that the issue is connected with GPU switching, try to enforce Nvidia GPU usage
Yes, I switch on second card but this example is a slide show:

My cooler noise.

I try in FireFox and Chrome.

> Also try to measure performance in some other WebGL demos, e.g in the pool demo.
It works very well.
02 November 2015 21:26

I see a slide show when run b4w demos and it:

I think it is because my second video card doesn't run.

Asus K53SV; 8 GB RAM, i3 2.2 ГГц (2 core), Intel HD Graphics 3000; Nvidia Geforce GT 540M (1 GB)

But demos from and works very good. And I don't have this problem when I run desktop games.