User posts A.shteiwi
12 April 2020 12:19
Another one here
22 February 2018 11:58
I am looking for way to apply refresh of the page " without web server - without page redirect option"
I need it on the local server
is there any code or idea?
29 October 2017 00:18
Thank you,I will
28 October 2017 23:36
Hi, Please I want to reverse inherit material for example from material A to Material B then, From B to A again, I tried switch select in the same entry point sequence but it works only one time

21 October 2017 20:32
Thanks All
14 October 2017 17:32
Hello, I am a beginner,
Plz I want to allow the player to hold an object and move it freely or in a limited axis and limited distance
How can I do this, I do not know the name of this action

14 October 2017 17:28
Thank you so much!
13 October 2017 22:26
this is the nodes
13 October 2017 22:19
Hello, I am a beginner
plz I want to hide an object but after the player clicked the cube 3 times for example
I tried the variable store, math operation, and conditional jump, but I couldn't I do not know the proper way to use them!

25 September 2017 01:12
thank you, Alexander, for your reply
I want to ask, the resulted html file itself can be converted to apk file ?