User posts AdamGE
25 May 2016 17:38
Thanks for the info, looking forward to the enhancement of the "Switch Select"
24 May 2016 08:05
Is the API method the only way to create a click drag action to rotate objects like in the "Experience Curiosity" app or can it be done with the logic nodes?

Also if its not available will it make it into an upcoming release?
This would be great functionality in the logic node system and allow for more complex apps without needing to use the API.


20 May 2016 17:30
Thanks Ivan, I'm just now starting to work with the API and looking good.

Yuri, no problem, we have the time zone difference and I will most likely be posting when you guys are already at home or sleeping, so it's all good. :)
20 May 2016 09:06
Ok, so I noticed when turning Anti-Aliasing to "None" the text png's look great but if set to "Low" or "Medium" the text png's get really blurry. When setting it to "High" it's almost as good as having it set to "none" so that works for me!!! :)

So I guess with the API i could also set the app to never use low or medium anti-aliasing. For low quality setting i will set anti-aliasing to none and anything above to high setting and this way the text png's can stay as sharp as possible.

20 May 2016 08:29
So I tried the LEVELS_OF_QUALITY node but didn't do anything in regards of the blurry text quality with a png.
LEVELS_OF_QUALITY doesn't seam to let me set ultra quality, only high/low.

I also noticed something odd when switching between high and low quality, the text png image actually looks less blurred/much better under low quality setting verse high quality. This was happening to the title text png only and didn't seam to effect other text png's. I was also messing around with the Z Offset under the material>Transparency roll out.

How is this happening? if I could only get the text png images to look sharp like in low quality across all levels of quality it would be amazing.

If someone has a way to get specific text based png's to look sharp and not blurred please let me know.

19 May 2016 22:54
ok, I did just realize that there is a LEVELS_OF_QUALITY material node and going to try that.
19 May 2016 18:39
In example I have a 3d explorer of a product with interface buttons linked to the camera.
When I publish the app and it loads in high quality setting the png button images look a bit blurred/fuzzy.
When I put the app into ultra quality the png text elements become super crisp but now the app doesn't perform as well on lower end devices as it does in high quality mode.

My question, is there a way for me to keep the png buttons/text at a crisp quality while the app is in overall high quality mode without having to go to ultra mode on everything?

Is this something I would have to control from the API or can it be done in blender/logic.nodes or texture settings?


30 October 2015 05:56
Most excellent! Was just about to key some lights and their intensity.
Coming from 3dsmax I have to say now that I have a lot of respect for Blender and the beauty of Blend4Web.
14 October 2015 17:19
Thanks Yuri,

You guys are doing amazing work on b4w! Going to try out the baker tool.

13 October 2015 23:04
Currently for function curves bezier is working but when will blend4web support interpolation easing like exponential or dynamic effects like elastic