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04 January 2015 13:56

no, no game,……. I just want to showcase artwork I made, with no plugin required.
( Because I and my old vrml friends had been tired with plugin after ages).
( During a moment I used unity3d)…
I "tested" 94 model on sketchfab, more on sculpteo when I was testing some 3D printing, and I used too shapeways.

The nice with blender4web is that the artist still owns his models,
( not depending on a platform)…but the bad is that …I am very bad at blender , LOL
I must learn..

Last test:
03 January 2015 21:00
great !! thank you very mutch!!
I will learn more about materials and lights ect , but I got that for the moment
03 January 2015 17:47
here the texture
03 January 2015 17:43
ah that is strange!! I made a new test to send it to you , and I guess the problem is the material

here below the printscreen of the html

and here my stuff , thanx to test , thank you in advance !
03 January 2015 14:02
back to earth :)

Well , I dont think that it is a blender texture issue, because if I test to export to obj I have the texture.

I edited the html file I got exporting to blender4web, and i see

, \"b4w_export_warnings\": [], \"b4w_export_errors\": []}", "main_file": "main.json", "junecoteend.jpg":

junecoteend.jpg is my texture,
but I have none main.json file in my folders.
still Missing after I installed the adon ???

Thanks for your patience
02 January 2015 18:56
ok Thank you very much , I must go now to an airport , and will be back tomorrow or on sunday , and I will re check all.
Anyways , as I am an old friend of vrml and blaxxun plugin, I want to tell my old friends to move :)

c u later and re thank you to be so quick :)
02 January 2015 17:12
its jpg
02 January 2015 16:14
Hello and happy new year and thank you for this great gift!
I just try it and I have not the texture of my obj file, in the html page I exported.
Don't know if it is an blender issue or a blend4web issue.
Anyways i am not good at blender , but your no pluggin way is GOD!
so , the question :
how to export both the shape and the texture in the html page ?
Thanks in advance