User posts Aljekhine
15 November 2017 22:30
I cannot find set_glow_color() in the API no more. I assume something changed since these Posts. Can somebody please explain me how to acces this property. Thank you very much in advance.
17 October 2017 23:18
Sorry, I think I solved the problem myself.
I had to re-export the scenes in Project Manager.
But maybe this post can help somebody else in the future.
17 October 2017 22:40

I created a project with blender2.78 and blend4web 16.08.

Everything was working fine. However there were some bugs in Firefox.
So I downloaded and installed the last stable versions. (blender2.79 & blend4web CE 17.08)

When I load json files now, the preloader stops at 44% and the Debugger tells me that an error occured in batch.js Type_Error "shader is null".

I recreated some files using the new blender and blend4web versions…still the same error.

Custom Files however do load.

Can somebody help? Thanks in advance!