User posts Amanda
22 February 2018 07:56
Thank you for the response! I think a vertex bake should work now that I've looked into it more. My only trouble is trying to play multiple vertex animations at exactly the same time. They seem to get out of sync. I have only tried playing them on a loop however. I am not very familiar with the node editor yet but would setting up various vertex animations to play at the same time work? Any advise would be very helpful.

I am attempting to make an interactive animation for my medical illustration thesis project using blend4web. It is such a great program. I think it could be really useful in the scientific illustration field.

Thank you again!
19 February 2018 02:40

I am working on a muscle simulation animation. I need to synchronize all the muscle animations with the jaw armature. When I preview my animation in blend4web the vertex animation and jaw animation are out of sync. How can I sync them?

(the muscle on the left has the vertex animation because I would like to use shape keys to make the muscle look as though it conserves volume. The muscle on the right has only a baked armature animation and it seems to sync with the jaw fine. The jaw has only an armature animation.)

I have attached the blend file.
13 February 2018 22:17

I have an armature animation that plays in bled4web but I would like to make some shapekey adjustments to its movement using a driver. It seems like you can use shape keys in blend4web using the node editor but can you use them on an object that is moving already being animated by an armature? I know vertex baking is an option but I'm not sure how to do it correctly so that it will work with blend4web.

Thank you!