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06 February 2020 18:44
Hello, blen4webers:

I have been out for quite some time and have not been working in my blend4web projects. I have left them in github and the live view are in too. Today I have tried to view them and found when I enter the scenes the camera keeps going backwards without touching any key (almost everyone are first person view, eye view if I remember well). Do someone khow what is this about? Does it have a simple solution or am I busted?

A couple of the projects are here:

Any help welcome
Thank you in advance
04 January 2018 02:41
Well, I tried to upload it but it is 35 Mb so it is not allowed. You have basically the same project in and the deployed project in . As it is exported with the 17_10 it works alright. Of course it is an ongoing project and it still has a lot of things to do.
04 January 2018 02:36
Hi again:

I have download the actual version and it still happens in this project in particular, the one that has audio in it. When I reexport the scene it gives an error in the export if I do it from the project manager. If I export from Blender it exports ok, even with the strict mode on. But when I try to use the app it starts with the error in the post before. Plus I am having an error in the Blender console that reads Dag Zero … Not allowed to happen

Does it make sense? Maybe is it something you know what is related to?
03 January 2018 18:54
Well, I downloaded it on Monday, January 1 from the download page. Maybe it is an old compilation.
02 January 2018 19:08
Well, it seems it was somethig I was doing wrong.

If you import the projects and reexport the scenes and check modules>update modules from the Project Manager it seems to work for most projects.

Still I am having this issue with the audio, I don´t know if this is a bug or the audio module has changed, I´ll keep trying…
02 January 2018 19:00
Well, I have made another try and the results have been pretty confuse.

I´ve been able to open the imported scene but it was having problems with the audio modules.

TypeError: Argument 1 of AudioListener.setPosition is not a finite floating-point value. b4w.js:38658:5
Int_SFX/exports.listener_update_transform http://localhost:6687/dist/b4w.js:38658:5
update_transform http://localhost:6687/dist/b4w.js:17130:21
update_transform http://localhost:6687/dist/b4w.js:17154:9
update_worker http://localhost:6687/dist/b4w.js:29035:13
Int_physics/exports.update http://localhost:6687/dist/b4w.js:28991:9
frame http://localhost:6687/dist/b4w.js:76725:5
loop http://localhost:6687/dist/b4w.js:76690:9

Does the audio modules have changed since 17_10?
02 January 2018 18:30
Hi, I have installed the new addon and I´ve tried to import my projects which I had exported from 17_10 version of the sdk. I have tried several ways:

  • With the import projects button in the project manager I got a lot of red lines in the operation result screen and it suggested to update modules. I updated and the dev version in the project manager didn´t work.
  • Trying to import without updating in the import screen and updating each project separately didn´t work either.
  • Importing the folders and changing the imports manually in the html file, all the lines of the libraries by the one line import of the 17_12 version. I didn´t change anything in the javascript file. Here the app loads but it gets stucked when the scene would appear.

  • Am I missing something I have to change in the js file?
    My apps are the compiled type, can someone help me?
    19 September 2017 22:13
    Hi, again, if it is of some interest I've been able to get some of the objects:

      The sun for example, and I think any other objects in the scene that are not dupli-objects can be debugged with:
      The character object, if you have it can be retrieved with
    I still don't understand the dupli-groups naming, 'Group*Object' is not working for me so I don't know how to get it but for now the get_first_character thing is going to do the trick.

    I think understanding this is pretty fun, not so easy for me….
    19 September 2017 21:57
    Hello there:

    I've been trying some things inside the browser console to access the b4w objects, for example I can access the camera and change the field of view while the app is running with, 0.26)

    This code is written in the console of the browser, F12>console>etc… and the app changes the config in real time. I have tried witn several functions, hour of day, wind parameters, etc. But…

    How can I access the objects themselves? If I want to see the position of an object for example. Can I get it from the console? Or, can I change the position of an object from the console? It would be very handy for developing to access the properties of the object from the console.

    Does anybody knows where are the 3dobjects inside the browser DOM?

    Ah, I have tried with b4w.scenes.get_object_by_dupli_name(object) but doesn't seem to work…

    I'll keep trying and if I found it I'll post it here so anybody can do it….
    17 July 2017 12:16
    Ok, Will, it is updated, now the error shouldn't appear.

    Looking at the picture you're using the builded version, does the development version work too? Maybe it works for you by using the update of Pro, I supposed there will be un update for the ce and will work too. Well, I am thinking if you use it from the build folder you really are using the version builded with 17.04. For now I am going to stay with the old version for development and I hope I will figure it out in the end with the new libraries. I think it has to do with the append_copy_trans method that has been updated to use the constraints from blender and I think in the parameters I use (obj, parent_obj, offset) and now it is (obj, parent_obj, influence). I am not sure yet.

    Today I am going to begin with the feeding system, it is going to be fun, I have it pretty clear in my mind but will see what happens….

    Will, I will mail you about the colaboration, it would be great to have someone to help….