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26 September 2017 06:16
Oh! Thanks that's a great tip.
But it's not mentioned anywhere in the manual.
25 September 2017 06:57
I got an ellipse. I got a cube. I want the cube to loop through along the ellipse. In Blender, I can do this easily. Press Ctrl-P(that is parent) and select Curve Deform from the menu. Then just animate the X position of the cube.

But B4W does not support this. The cube just animates along its global X axis and not along the ellipse.

So how do you guys in Moscow think this can be done?

I browsed through the Constraints API documentation, but can't decide if any of the methods there would be suitable for this particular type of animation.
18 September 2017 16:39
I have big plane.(100 x 100). I have a sphere, 1 unit radius. I want to place multiple instances of this sphere on the plane. So what I did is, create a particle system of hair type for the plane, and then in the Render Panel, render as Object type, with the object Sphere. Uncheck Emitter, to hide the plane. All okay. Render as expected, no errors.

But when I click on one of these "instanced" spheres, scene.pick_object() gives me "null" . If emitter(that is plane) is made visible then it gives me "plane" even if I have clicked on a sphere instance.

Both sphere and plane are selectable and visible.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?
27 August 2017 09:19
How can I set a smooth translation (eg 5 seconds) using the api?

I am using transform. set_translation () but it's moving the object instantaneously.
I want to translate over a period of time.
29 July 2017 03:01
I am trying to activate a new scene with set_active() but the view is not updating. This scene has its own camera.

Do I need to copy and append the default camera into this scene?
28 July 2017 13:53
I have about 5 scenes.
I am doing this:

var scene=require("scenes");
var scenename=scene.get_active();
var currcam = scene.get_active_camera();
var camname=scene.get_object_name(currcam);

I am getting the correct scene name(Scene.005) and camera name(Camera.005).

But problem is, the view is not changing. It is stuck in "Scene.001" which is the first(default) scene.
28 July 2017 02:15
After a lot of experimentation I think copy_object() copies the whole object data into the RAM rather than use a built in clipboard.
Using remove_object() to get rid of unnecessary objects help a bit, but remove_object only works on dynamic objects.

Anyways thanks for the help. B4w is a great engine but some areas need improvement. Cheers.
28 July 2017 02:03
Project Manager automatically creates html/css/js files only once at the time of project creation. If I later add a blend file to the project, I have to manually export the json and manually create html/js files. My intention is to have each scene in a separate html/js file rather than pack everything in one file. This is to reduce load time at the start of the project.

Also user will only load a scene if he chooses it and need not load all the scenes.

But creating the html/js files manually and changing the path names is a real pain in the ***

I am using version 1704
20 July 2017 23:27
I have attached the screenshot of the console just before the crash. Firefox do warn "a script is slowing down your browser"
20 July 2017 01:22
Hi all B4w staff and users

I am having a large scene, about 4000 Blender units. The camera is Hover with a tiny clipping distance of 20 Blender units. The user(first person) will slowly advance through the scene and some meshes will be repeated dynamically as the user proceeds.

I am having a mousedown event listner on the canvas element, to get the camera postion.
I am using scenes.get_active_camera() and camera.get_translation().

Once the camera reaches a certain point, I am using objects.copy() scenes.append() and then transform.set_translation() to put the new mesh in the scene.

For simple mesh objects this is working fine. But when the mesh is complex this is crashing both Firefox and Edge on my machine which has 2GB ram.

Any better way?