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28 December 2015 15:43
Thank you so much!
28 December 2015 13:53
Thank you Mikhail!
At first, choosing pose, got a message "nothing to bake".
Then I selected object and it worked!
But the camera's location in viewport changed.
It's not any more at the beginning of the curve.
Anyway, it works in html, so I am satisfied.

Another problem is that the house is not positioned to the
ground, as in viewport and there are flickering edges.
How can I fix them?

28 December 2015 10:23
Thank you so much for your help, Mentalist.
Didn't know that…
I' ll try Logic Editor nodes and I'll post the html
28 December 2015 01:35
Hello to all!
This is my first post. Please forgive my English

After spending 200 hours in one month (really tired - no programming skills)
on Blender Render, Cycles and Game,
I discovered a week ago B4W , hoping to upload my scene to html format on my website,
so users can watch and interact with it.

The problem:
There is an animated camera (static mode) following a path and targeting to a moving empty
(camera constraints: follow path, damped track)
Although the animation plays pretty well in viewport,
on export (.json and html) the camera is stuck to the center,
although the animation is being played.

I've read a topic with a possible solution:
but I cannot figure it out and I don't know if this is the only problem.

I would appreciate your help.
Thank you