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15 December 2015 17:25
This makes more sense to do it locally. Thanks :)
15 December 2015 17:24
This is good to know and actually makes me feel better, even though my logic would work, the red lines always gave me the impression something was wrong in the underlying, but not on the surface.
15 December 2015 17:21
absolutely love the way this looks. runs well on slower machines too!
10 December 2015 02:45
Im happy with being told that its a dumb question, cause Im really unsure of its feasibility with out using Unreal4 at this point.
09 December 2015 07:03
similiar in the sense being able to display and browse through a local file system - and project that media file (image, webm, video, pdf etc) to a canvas texture.

Is that even possible? The only part Im not sure about is displaying/accessing/playing from local files. Any tips on where to start?
05 December 2015 02:06
Awesome, I knew you guys/gals would go this way soon a I saw that cut with a blend4web scene inside second life. My GearVR CE1 is ready and willing for testing if you want to trow anything my way!
17 November 2015 22:15
17 November 2015 17:00
I was discussing it with a friend of mine, and he said the same thing. Its funny, the most obvious things just slip by sometimes. Its not that Ive done something like this before, but I knew it was an overly large file (anyone else new reading this, the resolution of the file is what has the limitation, textures themselves in file size can be on the larger side of the spectrum) …took typing it out to turn the light on lol

Just did it and WOOHOO great success :D thank you for the feedback as well!

Ive really been racknig my brain in a way to make blend4web a front end interface for say in my case, WordPress, but again, Ive not gotten that far yet. This is kinda my way of pushing me to check it out further

eidt: totally upping to 15.10 today
16 November 2015 22:30
Hi all,

I've been working on a project conceptually for the last few months along side a work project I couldn't really post on public forms about. But Now that Im starting to run in to (self made) issues, I thought it'd be a good time to post and see if I could get some help getting over some of these hurdles, and maybe get some feed back on what im trying to accomplish.

First of all, the project is geared towards an experience that id like to carry over from Web, to GearVR to OculusRift (Developing in that order) which is mostly content consumption.

The scene is basically composed of 4 screens, 4 input panels, 1 large interchangeable dome, and a "visor" that drops from above that essentially acts and the UI for the internal settings.

Conceptually, the screens would give the user the freedom to display their own content (local document files, videos, RSS feeds, browser, images) However Ive not gotten to that point yet, as I ran into an issue right after attempting to UV the dome portion. When viewing the exported (going through proper methods of using project manager etc) It all comes up beautifully. Even when I upload to my server the texture shows….if I'm home.

Go on a mobile device, or an outside connection the UV does not display. At firs I thought maybe the file had to be packaged into the .blend file. I attempted, but still got the same result. I'm also using a stupidly large file from NASA as the 360 dome, and am now thinking if maybe that's causing it….I've also tried moving the texture in different locations with no success.

The link to what is live is here.

The zip of the directory can be found here. (42.9mb)

Any advice or constructive criticism is more than welcome!
28 August 2015 18:03
The beauty of IRC is that you don't need to organize much at all, and IRC rooms dedicated so that external noise from other discussions re: other projects is nice to filter out.

If anyone is is coming across this post like I did through search, head over to their subreddit perhaps as activity there is more prone to be multi threaded conversations by nature.