User posts Chenglu
01 March 2016 05:23
Hi, I saw lots of use of m_scenes.get_object_by_dupli_name in this tutorial

However, I do not see why we want to duplicate an object and work on it. Could you elaborate on the usage of this method? Thank you so much!!!
29 February 2016 08:33

First of all, I'd like to thank you for the great work. Blend4web helps our project a lot. Hope you could keep up with the good work!

Recently, our project needs to deploy video and audio, so I have a look at this great post

But when I tried to print the m_tex.play_video("myTexture") method to see whether it works, the console gives me a undefined warning. I put the method in load_cb() method.

I am not sure what is wrong here?

Also, I notice that blend4web separates audio and video, and I need to use the sfx module to play the audio. However, I am confused on how to play the audio of a video I want to play? Should I convert the video into an audio file first, and then play the audio and video together? Or if there is a better way?

Thank you so much!