User posts ChrisLee
02 April 2016 15:18
ah ok … if this works in future i will be very happy

great software :)
01 April 2016 21:14
This blend has all my questions :)

thank you for your quick help
31 March 2016 19:04
Hey Blend4Web Team

First of all i have to say, your Blender addon is amazing.
I was looking a long time for a probber solution to rotate the vertex normals and with your script its so easy.
One thing i couldn't manage is to use it with a mirror modifier. Is it possible to mirror the changed vertex normals?

In detail i tried to get a low poly hard-surface object with one bevel to smooth the edge and i faced out the normals. (like in you youtube video) Everything worked fine on the original side but on the mirrored site the normals didn't rotate. I tried everything but i was not able to manage that problem. The only way is to do it manualy but this is troublesome :(

Can you help me? I attached an image for a clear explanation :) the right side is the original one, the left side the applyed mirror modifier with broken normals