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15 August 2017 08:35
Hi Will,

You are a legend!
Thank you so much for your response, I really appreciate it.

Sorry, It took me days to figure out how to re-install add-on, SDK and use Project Manager and all of that.
Fnally the file is succefully uplodad to Project Manager and linked !

Now, Q2 is 100% solved. :D

Q1 and Q3 kinda solved. :)

I couldn't open the blend4web html file or see the code in dreamwaver CC2017, however, I can open it in dreamwaver CC2015 and check the code.
I changed little bit blend4web html code in dreawaverCC2015 and save it. It's seems working now.

I still having trouble with change the preloader part,
At the stage, I think I need to spend some time and try to understand the preloader CSS part.

One more question Q4: If I want to change the loading bar completely , do i have to update .js code in 'Sublime Text' as well?

Thanks again !

11 August 2017 04:42
Hi there,

I'm very new to blender 4 web and I am designer type, don't know much about programmer/coding.

I have some silly questions for you, hope you could help me out.

Q1, How do I change the html code? I tried to update html and js code in Notepad, but when I open the blend4web HTML file in Note pad, the js. code is really messy and I don't know where to begin.
Please see screen shot 1 image in the attachment:

Q2, How to remove bottom right side social media buttons quickly?

Q3, How to remove B4W loading logo to something else?
(For example, i would like to change blend4web loading logo to my company's logo or just a normal loading bar).
I found this blog , it is showing how to change the loading bar. But again, when i open my 3d b4w html file in Notepad, its full of messy Js. code. I don't know where to copy &paste the blog tutorial code to and what code should be removed.

I hope someone could help me out asap.

Thank you so much !
Have a good day. !