User posts ColinConwell
22 February 2017 20:34
Thank you for your rapid and detailed response. It seems these are precisely some of the adjustments I was looking for.
22 February 2017 08:06
Hello Blend4Web Community,

I have a real newbie question as regards how the camera behaves when a scene is exported in either the JSON or HTML format. It seems that if I zoom out to a certain distance, my objects just disappear from the scene, as if they're being occluded by a shadow. This doesn't happen consistently across objects, however.]

Another issue: What does Blend4Web do to the camera position during export. In Blender I've set my camera (using lock camera to view) to a very specific perspective that subsequently changes when I export the scene.

My thanks in advance for any clarification!
21 February 2017 03:06
Hello Blend4Web Community,

So I am attempting to apply the JS function set_diffuse_color() to an object at a given frame every time an animation plays. I was shown how to accomplish something of this sort using a sensor manifold, but am wondering if there is a better method, and if not, what the cleanest and most efficient way to link events to individual frames is.

I've attached a project folder to give an idea of what I'm going for.

My thanks in advance!
26 January 2017 23:47
Hello Blend4Web Community,

What is the javascript code behind the Stop All animations button in the Scene Viewer and how do I implement it as a function in my web viewer app?
24 January 2017 00:59
In pursuance to a question I posted earlier regarding the loading of multiple canvas elements in one app, is there a command available to synchronize the loading of the scenes such that they both appear simultaneously? (another way of phrasing this is a command to postpone the scenes becoming visible until both are 100% loaded).

I'm attaching a project folder with all the necessary assets.

My thanks in advance for any assistance.
18 January 2017 19:06
Thank you, Roman! This is exactly what I was looking for. I may have more questions as time goes by, but for now this optimally suits my purposes.

You and your team are fantastic! Keep up the wonderful work.
17 January 2017 05:34
Hello Blend4Web Community,

I am trying to create a page with two canvas elements that each play one of multiple animations I've created in Blender. I am wondering how best to go about this.

Do I create multiple canvas elements in my index file and then load multiple apps, specifying each canvas element in the respective app? This I tried and it seems not to work.

Alternatively, within one app, can I designate multiple animations, assigning each animation to a different canvas element?

My thanks in advance for any assistance!