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08 February 2018 19:09
If you connect an RGB node directly into the Base Color parameter of a Principled BSDF shader node, the material won't be reflected by a material with mirror reflections enabled.
The material is correctly reflected if the RGB node color is multiplied by the color read from a texture before it is fed to the shader node.
25 September 2017 14:00
we are experiencing problems with some transparent materials developed with nodes.
When looking at a surface from a direction close to the surface's normal, an applied B&W alpha mask looks sharp.
When approaching the surface's tangent, the mask starts to become blurred and the non transparent parts begin to "grow" outwards.
Of course this behaviour creates noticeable artifacts.
I am also unable to prevent a texture from being tiled by the engine - regardless of what mapping option I pick, be it extend or clip.
This happens even if I connect the output of a texture to the output node.
The texture has no anisotropic filtering applied, no compression enabled, and I have tried a variety of mapping options, making no difference.
UVs of the model fall outside of the 0-1 range in both dimensions, but I also tried restricting their range.

Anything else I could check? Thanks.
04 May 2017 11:56
Hi Will, Light Linking is Maya's term to refer to the process of specifying what objects in the scene a given light should illuminate.
For example, you might want a light to illuminate only a single object instead of the whole scene. So, for that object the light will work as normal, whereas for the rest of the scene it might as well not exist.
Blender does this through render layers.
I know this is not the correct approach to rendering, but I am constrained to this specific approach in this case.
04 May 2017 11:24

does B4W support light linking? Can I somehow specify what objects (objects or meshes, not materials) a light should influence?

31 January 2017 18:21
Hi all,

I just learned how to import an HDRI to blend4web thanks to the blend4web forums.

As a follow up question, I would like to know if it is possible for a model to cast a shadow on the world texture.

My question is the same as found in this link: I would like to know how it is possible to apply this in blend4web.

Thank you very much!
31 January 2017 18:03
Hi Mikhail,

Thanks for the reply! Your suggestion was a great success :)
31 January 2017 14:50
Hi everyone,

I would like to ask if anybody can teach me how to add an .hdr map to my scenario made with blend4web? I have found some tutorials, but only for internal and cycles engine. I also read in another forum topic that the .hdr map must be converted to a cubemap, but I do not know how to convert .hdr to a cubemap. Can anyone please explain to me how to do this?

Any help, leads, links and suggestions would be very much welcome.

Thank you so much!
31 January 2017 14:29
Hi Yuri,

I was wondering if there is a guide on how to convert "typical" HDR images to cubemaps for blend4web? Do i need to do this manually or is there a function that can do this automatically for me?

"Though I am trying to figure out how to use "typical" equirectangular HDR images.
You need to convert them to cubemaps in order to render with blend4web."

Thank you!
01 August 2016 14:25
Is there a tutorial on how to make a diamond material for blend4web? I need to do something like this

Or if anyone knows the proper settings, please share your knowledge about this! It would be greatly appreciated

Thank you so much!