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16 October 2019 18:16

I'm trying to use Blend4Web for the last Blender 2.79 version but no matter what permissions I have, if it the x32 version or if I open it as an administrator it never works. It always shows me the "not compatible with windows x64" Can I get help please?

Also, I by accident I've already submitted this messege like 4 times already, I apologize. My internet it's not working well today and I can't see if what I've written is really uploading to the forum because when I push submit my comment dissapears.
16 October 2019 18:11

I've tried to use Blend4Web with the last Blender 2.79 version, but no matter what I do, what permissions I allow my user to have or even if I open it with as an administrator, I can never use the add-on, always showing me the "not compatible with Windows x64" messege. I tried using the x32 version but still, the problems remain. Can you help me please?
16 October 2019 16:59
I seen this problem solved before, but I can´t get it to work. I'm using the last Blender version (2.79) and everytime I try to get the add-on to work it always shows me a message telling me that it is not cimpatible with Windows x64. I tried downloading the 32 version but still, it doesn't work. I did already check all the user permissions and made sure that I can edit, see it, use it and all tha but even starting it like that or Blender as an Administrator, nothing works. Can you help me with my problem please?