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07 July 2016 17:12
Hello Pavel,

thank you! Indeed, i recognized the browser console errors but unfortunately I couldn't find the usage of these maps inside the blend-file. I was looking for them via the outliner, but Blender didn't tell me, were to find them or to which object these files are connected.

Can you give me a hint for this problem?

BTW: Very nice to hear, that you are going to support further constraints! With no need for repetitive baking during the development this will speed up fixes in animation.
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07 July 2016 15:13
Hi everybody,

maybe you wanted to know what happens inside a wind turbine
The annotation text is only available in German at the moment.

wind turbine

The gear animation was the most "tricky" part . It would be really nice, if B4W-support for other types of constraints would be extended in future versions, but with the baking option everything went okay for me at the moment.

Have a nice day

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04 May 2015 13:30
Hi Evgeny,

thanks for your reply. Obviously the effect was caused by the Browser-bug as you mentioned. I was using Firefox 33. I also updated to B4W Version 15.04, so the "Render Sky" option is available know. Cross-Browser-compatability is very important in my case, so I used a textured plane which is parented to the camera. That works fine.

Thank you,
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30 April 2015 16:59

I´m trying to use the Procedural Skydome feature. After activating the checkbox "Procedural Skydome" under the Blend4Web "Sky Settings" in the "World Settings"-tab the generated html-File shows a deep blue background. Going back to Blender and changing the setting for "Sky Color" doesn`t seem to have any effect. The color remains deep blue after exporting the scene again. At one can find the tip: "Enable Sky Settings > Render Sky, then activate Sky Settings > Procedural Skydome", but I can`t find the concrete option "Render Sky". Can you help please?

Thanks a lot, Gilgamos
CG Generalist (M&H Marketing AG)