User posts Grzegorz
15 December 2017 15:21
I have made this tutorial once again, but this time carefully - and once again the same.
In some reason in my html file is very, very long - I have noticed that Alexander Romanov's html file is shortest.

in some reason I haven't this line:
<script type="text/javascript" src="test1.js"></script>
but instead I have a lot of (nonunderstable for me) long code

I have made addictionally two operation in project manager:
I have clicked Check modules and next update modules.
This helped a little, but file with cube still isn't work.

Addictionally I don't know why my preloader looks different than preloader Alexander Romanov
My is in circle, and Alexander Romanov's is simple bar with progress

PLEASE HELP ME :( I don't know what I do wrong.
14 December 2017 14:36
thx in this case I need to check this one more time ;)
11 December 2017 13:30
I have blender 2.79 and Blend4web 17.10.1
11 December 2017 10:45
I've saved blend file and I've re-exported scene as you have wrote me - doesn't help ;(
(I've tested few options - export json/html from blender)
I have done this many times and I don't know why this isn't working.
If someone can download files from my firt post and try to solve this for me.
Of course I'm interested in how to solve this - not only in get this specific solved files.
08 December 2017 15:57
I have made tutorial
but something is wrong
I have no idea what I need to do different.

There is one difference between tutorial and my nodes:
in tutorial is "switch select"
in my blend file is "select" but I understand that this is correct.

Please help me!
17 November 2017 13:40
My question is - how to create project where I can upload image from my computer to 3d model. Similar how it is in Wanzl project:

For a couple of days I'm trying find some tutorial or some information at forum about this. And I've already found how to change graphic uploaded in Blender but I've didn't found nothing more.