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16 May 2017 18:43
In the future we plan to make a refactoring of this node and also add a rendering of the parralax effent directly in the viewport

I look forward to this…

make all your roughness of the planet with simple geometry, for example just use your bump map as a displacement map for displacement modifyer

Ok, I'll try that.

I also corrected your blend file so the parralax effect works well

Thanks for that Mikhail. Grtz
16 May 2017 17:00
Sorry… forgot to do that.
Here's the file (again)
15 May 2017 23:24
Sure… Here it is…
13 May 2017 23:27
FYI - I wanted to put the NormalMap on the Alpha-channel of the BumpMap but then the size went up to +9MB where now they are 540kB and 1.5MB. So I keep them separated.
13 May 2017 23:22

I'm working on a project but I can't get the Normal/Bump to export. I was looking at the documentation and tutorials but after trying different things without luck, I came here as a last resort.

For the BumpMap I go from Geometry - UV to (Bump)Texture - Vector and from Geometry - UV to Parallax - UV and from (Bump)Texture - Color to Parallax - Height Map. Then I go from Parallax - UV to 3 different Texture(s) - Vector(s) which go to 2 Material(s) - Color(s), and 1 to Spec.

For the NormalMap I go from the (Normal)Material - Normal to 1 Material - Normal.

It renders fine but it doesn't export.
28 April 2017 12:13
Hi Yuri,

Thank you very much… That worked like a charm. I was still working with older versions (2.76 and 16.01) and there I didn't have the glass in the material library. I installed the latest from both and now the material looks like glass. Again, thank you…

Already said it in the past but blend4web is awesome!!!!!
25 April 2017 10:16
… and I would like to export it as an html file …
25 April 2017 10:10

I looked at several tutorials but I just can't seem to get the glass material looking right… I would like it to look like a (full) glass cube (the little cube inside the big cube) where I'm going to carve letters in.
08 November 2015 18:14
Thank you very much Alexander. That worked like a charm
Should have thought of that myself but hey, what can I say, I'm a noob
08 November 2015 04:35
First of all… I have to say, love blend4web… already loved Blender but now even more

The "problem" I'm having is as follows:
I have an object with glass (material) and behind it is a object with an image. Now I would like to place transparent objects right in front of the glass so it it seems as if when you click on certain points on the glass you get an page redirect. It works but I can't set the alpha of the transparency lower then 0.5 or the redirect doesn't work but this means I have a grayish transparent object in front of the glass.
Is there a way to get it completely transparent?

FYI: no json… export to html